Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Standards developers can help the Patent Office

In an earlier post, I listed 16 ways for standards development organizations (SDOs) to reduce the likelihood that their standard will contain embedded patents.

One of those ways was for the SDO to work with the USPTO, the US Patent and Trade Organization.

The USPTO seeks help from the community of software developers and has set up a new project, called peer to patent for this purpose. SDOs should avail themselves of this opportunity to ensure that trivial or non-original patents are not awarded patents that would encumber their standard. In addition, SDOs should contact the USPTO and offer their collective expertise to patent examiners who are reviewing applications related to their standards. SDOs should monitor new patent applications (all of which are publicly available) and contact the USPTO patent examiner when they see a trivial or non-original application related to their standard.

- Jules Berman
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