Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comments sent to the "Specified Life" blog

I'd like to apologize to some of the people who have left blog comments. I was unaware until now that I could set up an alert that would notify me when comments are posted. Consequently, people have posted excellent comments that went unnoticed until this past week when I happened to review all of my past blogs.

Particularly, my colleagues, Drs. Pete Patterson, Jim Harrison and Bob McDowell all left comments that corrected errors in my posts, and I belatedly thank them.

The Comments section is now open to everyone and is unmoderated.

Also, I added an email link to the blog. Now you can alert your friends to interesting or useful blogs on the Specified Life site. The email that is sent contains a web address link to the blog (and does not contain the contents of the blog). It's probably best to add a sentence describing the blog in the provided comment box for the email alert, so your colleague will know something about what to expect to find when he/she navigates to the blog address.

- Jules Berman

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