Saturday, January 23, 2010

Batch image conversions

I'm interrupting a series of blogs on the topic of complexity to provide a pointer to my recently constructed web page on batch image conversions.

When you write your own image software, you can automate activities that would otherwise require repeated operations, on multiple image files, with off-the-shelf image processing software. For example, you might want to delete, add, or modify annotations for a group of images, or you might want to resize an image collection to conform to specified dimensions. When you have more than a few images, you will not want to repeat the process by hand, for each image. When you have thousands of images, stored in a variety of image formats, it will be impossible to implement global conversions, if you do not know how to batch your operations.

The Batch conversions: Perl, Python, Ruby page provides three equivalent scripts, in Perl, Python and Ruby, that converts a batch of images from color to greyscale. The scripts are preceded by a step-by-step explanation of the code.

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