Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This blog, Specified Life, deals with the general topic of data specification (including data organization, data description, data retrieval and data sharing) in the life sciences and in medicine. Beyond data sharing issues, it covers a range of topics that might be of interest to biomedical researchers.

All of the blog entries have been collected and organized into a convenient web-linked archive.

- Jules J. Berman

My book, Principles of Big Data: Preparing, Sharing, and Analyzing Complex Information was published last year by Morgan Kaufmann.

I urge you to read a litte about my book. Google books has prepared a generous preview of the book contents. If you like the book, please request your librarian to purchase a copy of this book for your library or reading room.

tags: big data, metadata, data preparation, data analytics, data repurposing, datamining, data mining, blog archive