Sunday, December 13, 2015

Greyscale Batch Conversion of Image Files

Using ImageMagick, it's easy to convert all the image files in a directory to black and white. Here are short scripts implemented in Perl, Python, and Ruby that open the current directory, parse through all the filenames in the directory, to create greyscale versions of jpg, gif, bmp, or png images. Each greyscale copy of an image file is provided with a new filename consisting of "_bw" appended to the filename prefix (e.g., dog.png is copied as the greyscale file, dog_bw.png)
opendir(FILES, ".") || die ("Unable to open directory");
@in_files = readdir(FILES);
foreach $filename (@in_files)
   if ($filename =~ /([a-z0-9\_]+)(\.[gifbmpjpgn]{3}) *$/i)
     $out_file = $1 . "_bw" . $2;
     system("convert ${filename} -set colorspace Gray -separate -average ${out_file}");

import os, re, string
filelist = os.listdir(".")
for file in filelist:
  if ".jpg" in file or ".bmp" in file or ".gif" in file or ".png" in file: 
    outfile = "bw_" + file 
    command = "convert " + file + " -set colorspace Gray -separate -average " + outfile
    #print command

filelist = Dir.glob("*.*")
filelist.each do
 if file =~ /([a-z0-9\_]+)(\.[gifbmpjpgn]{3}) *$/i
    out_file = $1 + "_bw" + $2
    system("convert " + file + " -set colorspace Gray -separate -average " + out_file)
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