Sunday, February 7, 2016

Links to Rare Disease Posts

Rare Disease Day is coming up February 29 (a rare day for rare diseases). In honor of the upcoming event, I'll be posting blogs all month, related to the rare diseases and to rare disease funding.

For today, I've listed my posts from prior years, featuring the rare diseases.

Phenocopy Mimics of Rare Diseases: Lessons for the Common Diseases

Phenocopy Diseases: Their Relationship to Rare Diseases and Common Diseases

What Rare Diseases Teach Us About the Cellular Basis of Aging

Disease Complexity: Rare Diseases and Common Diseases

Case Reports of Rare Diseases Have General Value

When Rare Diseases and Common Diseases Converge to Same Clinical Picture

Rare Diseases and Common Diseases can Converge to the Same Clinical Conditions

Rare Disease Legislation in the U.S.

Definition of Rare Disease

Developing Diagnostic Tests for Common Diseases: Role of the Rare Diseases

Rare Diseases Account for Subsets of Common Diseases

Improving Clinical Trials by Focusing on Rare Diseases

Rare Diseases of Unknown Origin

Rare Diseases are Sentinels for the Common Diseases

Biological Differences between Rare Cancers and Common Cancers

Rare Diseases are Biologically Different from Common Diseases

Rare Cancers are Biologically Different from Common Cancers

Rare Cancers

Clinical Trials and Rare Diseases

Rules for the Rare Diseases

The Rationale for Funding Rare Disease Research

New Book Explains the Importance of Rare Disease Research

- Jules Berman

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