Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Journal articles on the Developmental Lineage Classification and Taxonomy of Neoplasms

In the past few blog entries, I've announced the most recent version of the developmental lineage neoplasm classification, which is available for download.

The classification and taxonomy contains about 6,000 classified types of neoplasms and over 130,000 neoplasm names. The Classification is an open source computer-parsable data set that can be used to organize, collect, merge, share, analyze, understand, develop hypotheses, test hypotheses, and discover new information related to neoplasia. The classification is used extensively in software projects linked from my home page. It is the largest cancer nomenclature in existence and has been described in several journal articles:

Berman JJ. Tumor classification: molecular analysis meets Aristotle. BMC Cancer, BMC Cancer 2004, 4:10.Download manuscript

This article is among the all-time most-viewed articles in BMC Cancer, and, as of September 2008, has been downloaded about 15,000 times from BiomedCentral. Statistics Page

Berman JJ. Tumor taxonomy for the developmental lineage classification of neoplasms. BMC Cancer. 2004 Nov 30;4(1):88. Download manuscript

Berman JJ. Modern classification of neoplasms: reconciling
differences between morphologic and molecular approaches.
BMC Cancer 2005, 5:100. Download manuscript

-Jules Berman

key words: ontology, neoplasia, classification, medical terminology, medical terminologies,

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