Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sample pages for formatted versions of Neoplasm Classification

As announced in a recent blog, the newest version of the free, open source, Developmental Lineage Classification and Taxonomy of Neoplasms has been released. This Classification contains about 135,000 different names of neoplasms classified under about 6,000 neoplasm concepts. It is the largest neoplasm nomenclature in existence.

The classification can be downloaded from:: http://www.julesberman.info/devclass.htm

The Classification is available in several different formats: XML, RDF and flat-file.

I have prepared three web pages that display short excerpts of each document style, so that you can quickly assess the different formats.

The excerpts are available at:

Flat-file: http://www.julesberman.info/plaintxt.htm

XML: http://www.julesberman.info/plainxml.htm

RDF (Resource Description Format): http://www.julesberman.info/plainrdf.htm

A search engine that permits look-ups of neoplasm names, retrieving synonyms and related terms from the Developmental Classificaiton, is available at: http://www.julesberman.info/neoget.htm

-Jules Berman

key words: ontology, classification, medical terminology, medical nomenclature, neoplasms, tumors, tumours, pathology

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